About the Queen's Fuel Cell Team Captain Position

The Queen’s Fuel Cell Team (QFCT) is an undergraduate student-run design team at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario that strives to develop applications for fuel cells technology and provide opportunities for students to gain hands on design experience. Dedicated undergraduate students from a wide range of disciplines work on a variety of projects including building and testing of fuel cells and designing various vehicles to be powered by clean energy.

We are looking for a skilled leader who will guide and manage the Queen's Fuel Cell Team. Your goal will be to bring the Queen's Fuel Cell Team to competition and ensure the successful knowledge transfer of the team for future years by building a good foundation. Your duties will include managing team members, ensuring the vehicle is competition-ready, hiring executive members and general members, and reaching the general goals of the Queen's Fuel Cell Team.

No Experience Necessary!

If you have any questions, please contact Jen Kovinich (Director of Design).