Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) aims to promote involvement in science and engineering fields to cis and trans women as well as non-binary people by fostering enthusiasm for STEM among undergraduate students, graduate students, and professors on the Queen’s campus. WiSE provides mentorship and networking opportunities for these three groups of people at various events and workshops throughout the year. WiSE is also able to reach elementary and high school students in the Kingston community through our four outreach programs. WiSE's most recent initiative is the 'How to be WiSE' podcast. We aim to foster safe spaces for people to connect, both in-person and online, to support and encourage those in historically male-dominated fields. WiSE operates on three main pillars: inspiring the next generation of people in STEM, educating on the importance of diverse representation in these fields, and collaborating with others sharing these same goals.

Directors work directly under the President & Vice-Presidents to oversee every aspect of WiSE. They are responsible for the delivery of their individual initiative and for overseeing any Coordinators under their portfolio, if applicable. Similarly, coordinators work directly under the Directors and are responsible for the delivery of their individual initiative and for overseeing any volunteers under their portfolio.

Open Director Positions:

Directors of Outreach (2), Directors of Events (2) , Directors of Professional Development (2), Director of Marketing (1), Director of Communications (1), Directors of Mentorship (2), Director of Sponsorship (1), Director of Fundraising (1), Director of Finance (1), Director of Logistics (1), and Director of Web Design (1).

Open Coordinator Positions:

  • Outreach Coordinators: Elementary School Outreach Coordinators(2), High School Outreach Coordinators(2), Badge Day Coordinators(2), and EngSci Day Coordinators(2)
  • Events Coordinators: Mentorship Coordinators(2), Dinner with Industry Coordinators(2), Brunch with Industry Coordinators(2), and Workshops Coordinators (2)
  • Internal Coordinators: Finance Coordinators(2), Fundraising Coordinators (2), Sponsorship Coordinators (2), Graphic Design Coordinators (2), Podcast Coordinator, Podcast Editor, Podcast Host, Marketing Coordinators (2), and Website Coordinator

Please visit the following link for more information on each Director and Coordinator positions: https://docs.google.com/docume...

Applications are due Friday, March 24th at 11:59 pm. Please reach out to Sydney Brownlee at wise @engsoc.queensu.ca if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in WiSE!