The VEX U Robotics Competition is an interdisciplinary robotics-based international challenge run by VEX Robotics Inc and the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation (RECF). The highest tier of the VEX Competitions, it requires students to design, build and program multiple robots for a challenge that involves precise manipulation of objects, autonomous motion and navigation, assistance and feedback for human drivers, and interaction with other robots. Robots must perform consistently and teams must be prepared to adapt rapidly to any potential failure at competition time, as matches are only 2 minutes long! The competition culminates in April when the best teams from countries around the world come together to compete at the VEX Robotics World Championships!

Are you interested in project management & leadership experience, and are passionate about outreach, marketing, and media? Come join the leadership team at QVEX!

Vice President (Outreach & Media)

The Vice President (Outreach & Media) reports to the President and is responsible for sponsorship, team attire/merchandise, websites, social media, promotional material, educational resources, and submissions for online challenges. In collaboration with other roles, they are also responsible for planning and running outreach events (i.e. anything that extends beyond the team) to benefit the greater community, both at Queen’s and beyond.

Key responsibilities include:

  1. Be responsible for finding and approaching potential sponsors.
  2. Work with the Vice President (Finance) to ensure that the Team’s revenue needs are met.
  3. Be responsible for the creation of Team digital media, including promotional material, educational resources, and submissions for awards/online challenges.
  4. Maintain the team’s public image, including the sharing of regular status reports, team images, and significant achievements.
  5. Be responsible for the design and procurement of official Team merchandise, including team attire.
  6. Be responsible for the promotion of events, workshops, and any ongoing recruiting throughout the year.

Applications are due Saturday, September 23th at 11:59pm EST.

If you have any questions, please contact Theo Lemay and Nick Mertin at qvex @engsoc.queensu.ca.