The Engineering Society's Communications Team works to inform students about the activities of the society and its respective services, resources, events, clubs, design teams, and conferences. This is achieved through graphic design, social media, photography, and videography. As the Engineering Society's Videography Manager, you will work alongside the Director of Communications to manage the videography needs of the society. Candidates should have a strong interest in videography, although experience in creating videos is not necessary. This role is ideal for anyone who enjoys attending events and has the ability to manage, delegate and organize time required to film and edit footage. There is also the opportunity to take on your own videography projects to help promote the Engineering Society, in whatever way that is of interest to you!

The main responsibilities of the Videography Manager include:

  • Managing the Videography Team to plan the successful coverage of various events and campaign initiatives (e.g., Orientation Week).
  • Interacting with clients to fulfill videography requests (e.g., creating media plans, live-streaming Engineering Society's Council).
  • Producing fun and interesting video footage of various events, projects, and promotions.
  • Attending weekly static meetings and scheduling Videography Team meetings.
  • Continue growing the brand recognition and reputability of the Engineering Society and the Communications Team.

This position does not require any prior experience. Skills and interests that will be considered an asset for this position include:

  • Knowledge of editing software’s (e.g., Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator)
  • Strong communication skills including oral and written communication skills.
  • Extensive time management and organizational skills. 

  • Interests in marketing, brand identity, and brand management.
  • Ability to self-motivate as well as lead a team.

Additional important information:

  • This position reports to the Engineering Society Director of Communications.
  • The work term for this position is May 1st 2023 too May 1st 2024. From May 1st 2023 to Septemeber 1st 2023 you will not be required to complete any media coverage.
  • This position has a time commitment of 5 hours expected per week during the school term.
  • Please note a resume and cover letter are optional to include in applications.

Applications are due Tuesday March 28th @11:59PM EST.

With any questions, please contact: comm.incoming@ and vpsa.elect@