Robogals is a volunteer, student-run organization dedicated to increasing female participation in engineering and technology-related studies. We seek to encourage young women to pursue higher education in these fields by running free, educational workshops for students in elementary schools and high schools.

Robogals Queen's is now hiring for our 2023/2024 Executive Team! We are looking for individuals who are passionate about STEM, outreach, and increasing the access for and representation of women in STEM. Applicants should be organized, creative, possess strong communication skills, and have a willingness to learn.

The roles on the executive are as follows:

Training Manager: As a Training Manager, you will ensure that our Robogals volunteers are prepared when they come to our workshops. This will include setting up training sessions for all the volunteers on how to use all workshop resources (HTML, Scratch, EV3 Robots, etc.), and how to appropriately interact and be a role model with the students. You will also help to oversee the Workshop Coordinators, and ensure that they have the resources they require to organize and run our workshops. This will include organizing and leading meetings with the Workshop Coordinators, and helping to develop workshop procedures and content.

Workshop Coordinator (2):
The Workshop Coordinators are an integral part of the Robogals team. As one of the Workshop Coordinators, it will be your responsibility to design and run our Robogals workshops. This includes recruiting available volunteers, designing lesson plans that incorporate engineering and STEM activities, running workshops, and being a role model to the students in your workshops. As a Workshop Coordinator, you will work under the Training Manager, who will ensure you have all of the resources and support you need to be successful.

Sponsorship Manager: As sponsorships manager, you will ensure that Robogals has enough funds to continue to host workshops, while expanding our curriculum. Responsibilities include updating the sponsorship package content, maintain professional relationships with existing sponsors, filling out grant applications, and identifying and cultivating leads and prospects. All in all, you will ensure that Robogals may continue doing incredible work with the support we need.

Events Coordinator:
As Events Coordinator, it is your responsibility to plan and run various Robogals events: Roboday, town halls, hiring events, etc. This will include scheduling events with other members of the exec team, liaising with Queen's Event Services, the Engineering Faculty, and other clubs on campus to coordinate events, books locations, and plan catering (if applicable for in-person).

The application deadline is September 26th @ 11:59. Interviews will take place between September 27th - 29th.

If you have any questions regarding the role, please contact queens.president@