The Logistics Chair oversees all event logistics of the Science Formal. This includes entertainment, sound, lighting and food and beverage. This person also oversees the planning and execution of all pre events (fundraising) leading up to the Formal. The Logistics Chair works with the Entertainment Manager, the Food and Beverage Manager, the Wellness Manager and the Sustainability Manager.

The fall term involves weekly meetings and planning for the Formal (approximately 5 hours/week). In the winter term prior to the Formal, a great deal of time will be spent doing Science Formal related work as students begin to complete their hours (approximately 10-15 hours/week).

Applicants should possess the following skills/qualities:
- Excellent leadership and conflict resolution skills
- Good time management and organizational skills
- Enthusiastic, approachable, responsible, professional, motivated
- Knowledge of event planning procedures at Queen's is an asset but not required
- This position is open to Sci 23s not on internship, as well as Sci 22s

If you have any questions please contact sciformal.convener @

Applications are due Thursday, September 29th at 11:59 PM!