QPID is hiring for their General Director position! QPID's General Director oversees the club's functioning, from hiring, to meetings and ensuring policy adherence. The General Director ensures that QPID’s mandate as a whole is upheld. The General Director is responsible to, first and foremost, all QPID members and all of QPID’s community stakeholders. They work closely with a directorate team and the Monitoring and Evaluations executive. Given the required familiarity of the club, candidates with prior experience in QPID are preferred.

The application deadline is February 14th at 11:59 pm EST!

For any questions, contact qpid.generaldirector@ gmail.com

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Hiring and training the directorate
  • Hiring and training the executive to ensure that they are prepared for hiring their respective committees
  • Determining and applying the strategic plan and budget in consultation with the executive, as well as setting and updating the organizational policy
  • Ensuring the transition of executives and directors
  • Learning the operations manual and all organizational policy and ensuring that it is applied and revised by the executive as needed
  • Providing support to QPID executive and directorate
  • Working closely with the Monitoring and Evaluations Executive and the Equity Director
  • Calling and chairing meetings of the advisory council, directorate and executive
  • Ensuring that QPID abides by the rules and regulations of all jurisdictions to which it belongs (e.g. Queen’s University, The Engineering Society)
  • Ensuring a positive environment by providing vision, support, guidance, teamwork, accessibility, reliability and motivation consistent with the mandate of QPID