Queen’s Solar Design Team (QSDT) is a multi-disciplinary team that provides an opportunity for all members to explore their interests in sustainable building design and social justice. The team is structured to present a collaborative environment for each member to develop an aptitude for sustainable design principles, CAD modelling software, energy modelling software, and working with real-world project clients and stakeholders.

QSDT accepts students from all faculties from Queen’s University, and all applicants will be considered for each position. However, please refer to the following list to view the corresponding disciplines that would have priority to be selected for each position: Solar Decathlon Manager (All Disciplines), Structural Lead (Civil), Architectural Lead (Civil & Mechanical), Systems (Mechanical & Chemical), Business (All Disciplines), Administrative Manager (All Disciplines), Finance & Sponsorship Coordinator (All Disciplines), Marketing & External Relations (All Disciplines).

Interviews will be held via Zoom from November 5-8.

Please contact director.qsdt @ engsoc.queensu.ca with any questions regarding the application and/or hiring process logistics.

Application Deadline: November 4, 2022

Brief: The Structural Sub-Team lead will report to the Solar Decathlon Manager/Team Managers and is responsible for:

  1. Supervising the structural design and modelling of candidate designs using matrix frame analysis software including SAP.
  2. Supervising the creation of technical drawings of the structural systems for competition and delivery to the client. Structural drawings will be completed using AutoCAD.
  3. Working with the Architectural, Systems, and Business Leads to ensure key systems are accounted for the in the design and modelling of the structural system.
  4. Working with the Team Managers to ensure the final design is compliant with the NBCC and in applicable material engineering codes CSA A23.3 etc.