The following application is due on October 3, 2022, at 11:59 PM.

Interviews will be held during the week of October 17-21, 2022.

The Conference on Industry and Resources: Queen’s University Engineering (CIRQUE), a premier Engineering Conference, aims to show engineering students the versatility of the engineering degree and the wide spectrum of job opportunities that can be achieved.

CIRQUE connects motivated students with leading professionals across a variety of industries, who share their insights and experiences on career paths and how to succeed after graduation. CIRQUE aims to demonstrate the versatility of an engineering degree and to expose students to non-traditional engineering post-graduate roles. The conference also aims to connect engineering students with top employers and allow delegates to broaden their view of their postgraduate opportunities.

We are looking for organized, motivated, hard-working team players to work alongside committee members to create an engaging and professional conference experience. The executive team will be encouraged to problem solve and take initiative, with the goal of growing the conference.

The First Year Representatives (3 First Year Representatives) are responsible for helping their team of choice (sponsorship, logistics, marketing, and speakers) with their required tasks and help promote the conference to their fellow classmates. Individuals in this role will work closely with the executive team to plan workshops, find sponsors and speakers, organize logistics, and market the conference to their classmates. Ideal candidates should be creative, organized and have exceptional communication and people relation skills.

Please contact Erica O’Brien (18esob @ and Alexandra MacDuff (17amm10 @ if you have any questions.