Queen's Water Environment Conference (QWEC) strives to connect students and the Kingston community to passionate speakers and exciting networking opportunities within the water industry. The Executive Team works with the conference co-chairs to plan and run the conference held in the spring. It is a great opportunity to meet and work with new people while gaining valuable skills and experience.

Applications are due November 29th at 11:59pm.

The available positions are summarized below.

  1. Logistics Director
    • Oversee Logistics Coordinators
    • Plan conference venue, catering, etc.
  2. Logistics Coordinator
    • Work with Logistics Director to arrange the conference venue and amenities
    • Work with events coordinators to plan conference/taster events
  3. Sponsorship Director
    • Oversee Sponsorship Coordinators
    • Make/Update Sponsorship Package
    • Research grants/donations to apply for
    • Communicate with speakers team to share contacts
  4. Sponsorship Coordinator
    • Contact companies for potential sponsorship
    • Communicate with sponsors to foster long-term relationships
    • Complete grant/donation forms
  5. Finance Director
    • Manage cash inflow and outflow
    • Work with co-chairs to make and update conference budget
    • Work with the sponsorship team
  6. Marketing Coordinator
    • Make/plan social media posts
    • Produce posting schedule leading up to the event
    • Plan other advertising (ie. posters, etc)
    • Organize photo/videos for the conference
  7. Events Coordinator
    • Work with Logistics and Speakers
    • Coordinate taster events and conference
  8. Speakers Coordinator
    • Contact companies/individuals to speak at the conference
    • Maintain contact with speakers and relay necessary information
    • Communicate with sponsorship team to share contacts
  9. Delegate Coordinator
    • Manage delegate sign-up
    • Communicate conference plans to all delegates