The Human Resources Deputies will work under the Director of Human Resources to help manage the three main aspects of the portfolio: Recruitment, Training, and Feedback. All deputies will collaborate within the HR team to allow people to work together on cross-platform projects. As such, the position of HR Deputy has a lot of room for growth and creativity in the development of new HR initiatives within the Engineering Society!

Some main projects the HR Deputies will be responsible for include planning hiring fairs, helping with the design team showcase, planning events that highlight the various ways to get involved with the Engineering Society, and gathering feedback from the student body in order to better understand the perception of the Engineering Society as a whole and improve its operations. There is also the opportunity to pursue longer-term initiatives such as implementing permanent online training resources for future members of the Engineering Society and improving the hiring process from an EDII standpoint to make the Society more accessible, inclusive, and transparent.

Successful candidates should possess strong time management and communication skills, good teaming abilities, creativity, and planning/organizational skills. Assets for this position include previous experience with event planning, data analytics, and a passion for EDII and the Engineering Society.

Applications are due Thursday, March 23rd at 11:59 PM, and interviews are scheduled to take place March 27th-31st in-person.

If you have any questions about this position, please do not hesitate to email Alex Pysklywec, the Incoming Director of Human Resources at hr.incoming