Queen's Soft Robotics Team (QSORT) is a multi-disciplinary design team which is dedicated in making cool robots that have no rigid bodies and can be remotely controlled. Here is a great video that describes what a soft robot is and why they're useful:

QSORT is hiring team members to help us build a robot to compete in the international RoboSoft Competition (based in Edinburgh). These members are split into chemical, mechanical, and electrical sub-teams, we are also hiring a marketing member to help us. Below are the different roles and their responsibilities, if they are at all interesting to you, feel free to apply :).

Electrical Team Member
As an electrical team member, individuals will get a chance to work with developing an electronic control system for the soft robot for the RoboSoft competition. Furthermore, individuals will be able to aid in programming the control system to satisfy the needs of controlling the robot itself.

- Researching/analyzing electronic capabilities and reading technical documentation
- Designing/implementing/troubleshooting electronic control systems
- Developing code to control electronic control systems
- Comparing efficiency and effectiveness of control systems

Mechanical Team Member

As a mechanical team member, members will work with the chemical and computer teams to create the body that the robot resides on. This can include designing attachment surfaces, creating 3D printed molds for the chemical team, and working with the electrical team to design actuators.

- Develop and apply skills in CAD modelling and 3D printing (SolidWorks)
- Conduct force analysis tests
- Advise on materials and manufacturing methods for components and required equipment

Chemical Team Member
The chemical team at QSORT will be putting into practice the chemistry of materials to create and fluid dynamics to create functional soft robot. We will focus primarily creating actuators out of polymers and look at driving methods for driving motion. We will be working closely with both the electrical and mechanical teams, learning about and even participating in their projects will be highly encouraged.

- Researching and discussing soft actuation.
- Reading and sharing scientific journals articles.
- Generating and pitching ideas for means of soft actuation
- Prototyping and testing the actuators for the team’s soft robot.
- Evaluating and implementing a final design that will be used for competition.

Marketing Team Member

    - Create engaging content and manage QSORT’s social media
    - Work with the Operations Manager on defining QSORT’s high-level marketing strategy and brand image
    - Coordinate/assist facilitation of various marketing and outreach campaigns throughout the school year
    - Anything else you want! This role is relatively flexible, if there’s something outside of these responsibilities that you want to do or you see an opportunity within QSORT to develop the club or fill a gap—let us know.