The major responsibilities of the Business Manager include:
- Maintaining all of the Pub's finances, including daily sales, price setting, payroll, taxes, weekly and monthly reporting, bill payments, chequing and accounts receivable
- Setting up reporting statements for the EngSoc Board of Directors
- Acting as the liaison between the pub and the EngSoc Bookkeeper

Skills and interests that will be considered an asset for these positions include:
- Basic knowledge of accounting and business will be an asset
- Strong leadership skills
- Enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards networking
- Demonstrated oral and written communication skills
- Interest in small business management and finances
- Strong ability to research and learn independently
- Ability to motivate self, staff, and assistant managers, and work in groups
- Extensive time management and organizational skills
- Ability to develop projects through all stage of development and implementation

Work Term:
- May 1st, 2022 to April 30th, 2023

Salary/Time Commitment
- $250/week Salaried
- 16 hours expected per week
- Salary is non-negotiable
- COVID-19: This position's expected hours and pay may vary significantly due to changes in the provincial guidelines related to operations of the service

Applicants are expected to provide an Application Package. The package must include (in the following order):
- Title page
- Resume
- Responses to the following 5 questions:

1) Describe your leadership style and a time you worked effectively with a team
2) Describe ONE goal or new idea you would like to implement for Clark Hall Pub and how you would achieve it
3) Why do you want to be the Business Manager of Clark Hall Pub and what qualities and/or experiences would make you a good fit for this position?
4) EngSoc is committed to ensuring all of our events are accessible and inclusive. What equity, diversity, and inclusivity initiatives do you think should be implemented into this portfolio?
5) Please add anything additional you would like to say in your application package (optional)

Submission requirements:
- Maximum 500 words per question
- Font: Calibri (Body)
- Text size: 11
- 1.15 spacing
- Include question headers above each of the responses

Submit only ONE combined document and attach it to your EngSoc Breezy application.

Applications are due Tuesday December 5th, @11:59PM.