Sci Formal is one of the longest standing Queen's engineering traditions. The event aims to bring together the graduating class for one final celebration of their time as a Queen's engineering student!

The Sci Formal team is currently hiring managers! As a manager, you will be responsible for helping in the planning and execution of Sci Formal CXXI! The team consists of 6 chairs and approximately 18-28 managers. As manager, you will receive free tickets to the event in exchange for approximately 1/2 hours of time commitment per week.

**must be a sci 24 NOT on internship or a sci 23 returning from internship

Available positions are as follows:

Communications Managers (3 available positions):

  • HR Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Marketing Manager

Logistics Managers (3 available positions):

  • Entertainment Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Sustainability and Wellness Manager

Finance Managers (2 available positions):

  • Finance Manager
  • Sponsorship Manager

Art Managers (5-10 available positions):

Construction Managers (5-10 available positions):

For detailed descriptions of each position please visit: Manager_Descriptions_Summary.pdf

Applications will close September 21 @ 5:00 pm.