The Queen's Vertical Farming Team (QVFT) is Canada's first undergraduate engineering team of its kind. Recognizing this rapidly emerging industry, QVFT is designing and building a functional, software-automated aeroponic vertical farm on Queen's University campus. The majority of existing research in this field is conducted privately and is thus inaccessible to the public. Through its open-source approach, QVFT aims to democratize vertical farming knowledge and research. If you would like to learn more about QVFT, please visit our website at

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Use micro-controllers, sensors, and output devices, to create a self-contained feedback control system.
  • Oversee and improve the control system logic in Arduino IDE
  • Design circuits to connect all input/output devices using Fritzing
  • Plan the farm's power supply system
  • Ensure cross-components compatibility

Applications due March 13th at 11:59pm