First Year Project Coordinators (FYPCOs) are hired First Year students that are assigned upper-year mentors in the Engineering Society (EngSoc Directors, Design Teams, Executives, or Services), under which they complete a project (or projects) for the benefit of themselves and/or other First Year students. This position provides students with unique insights and experiences, as every FYPCO project will be different from the other FYPCOs. Some potential project subjects include event planning, graphic design, marketing, feedback collection, and processing, or anything else the FYPCO and mentor deem to be a valid project subject.

FYPCOs will have the opportunity to attend several workshops and social events throughout the year that are planned by the FYPCO Manager.

The time dedication of this position depends greatly on what the FYPCO is willing to put into it, as well as the timeline of the project. This can range from 30 minutes a week, up to a few hours a week, based on what the FYPCO can commit to. Biweekly meetings will be held with your mentor and the FYPCO Manager and separate monthly meetings will also be held with the FYPCO Manager, Director of First Year, and all of the other FYPCOs.

The benefit you gain from the FYPCO program is proportional to the effort you put into it. Many FYPCOs continue to stay involved in the Engineering Society during their upper years. Through this program, you earn skills in communication, management, planning, and much more while also forming connections within the Engineering Society. It is an excellent way to get involved and get to know EngSoc without a large time commitment.

A list of potential projects and mentors is available here:

Applications close on October 17th and interviews will be held the same week.

If you have any concerns or require accommodations for this format please email the Director of First Year, Thomas Mulvihill (firstyear @, or VP of Student Affairs, Ali Bekheet (vpsa @