The Society Officer is responsible for taking and preparing full minutes of every meeting of Engsoc Council as well as creating, modifying, and advancing policy and By-law in accordance to the changes made at Council.

The Society officer works with the Director of Governance, the Council team, and EngSoc affiliated groups to help identify gaps in Engsoc policy and propose changes that are clear, equitable and strengthen the Engineering Society. The Society Officer attends the biweekly Engineering Society Council meetings and acts as a consultant for policy during the meetings. The Society Officer reports to the Director of Governance and will have weekly meetings with the DoG to go over any policy changes after council.

Responsibilities include:

- Review, modify, and draft policy to make the engineering society more inclusive, transparent, equitable and efficient student organization (Self-Driven)

- Attend EngSoc Council (one weeknight every two weeks).

- Act as a policy resource for EngSoc members.

- Update policy on the EngSoc website after each Council.

- Be a member of the Council team.

- Type very quickly while paying attention to discussion at Council.

- Consistently prepare the minutes in a professional, detailed format to be retained by the DoG, no later than one week after council.

The deadline to apply is March 30th at 11:59pm. The Society Officer is a paid position and has a salary of $75.00 per council. Any applicants should be available on Thursday evenings for Council meetings.

Anyone who is already a member of next year's Council should not apply for any Council team positions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Director of Governance at governance.incoming