Welcome! Welcome! Thanks for checking out this application!

This is the Events Committee; our goal is short and sweet. Unite the student body via fun, accessible, meaningful events. We will form a year long committee that supports event heads for every event!

There are four roles we are currently hiring for!

Community Affairs Manager

As a Community Manager it could be your job to manage venue booking, working with the city and community, and so much more! You will be working for the full year, gaining a variety of valuable and applicable skills.

Event Systems Manager

As a Systems Manager it could be your job to organize any food or drinks at events and communicating with caterers, acquire rental equipment if necessary, i.e. movie screens or inflatables, and if the event does not require these things then you would become a general support system for the rest of the team.

Events Advertising Manager

Are you a fan of graphic design? Does grabbing people's attention interest you? Are you willing to learn and grow your marketing strategies? If any of these interest you apply for Advertising Manager! It will be your job to communicate with necessary groups to make our events the talk of the town.

Events Environmental and Finance Manager

The Environmental and Finance Manager has an important duty to push for environmental and accessibility goals in every event! And as with most EngSoc organizations the Events Committee will be dealing with large sums of money moving around. Budgeting and communicating with large charitable organizations are large port of this portfolio. If you have a passion to learn about handling impactful financial decisions and pushing sustainability goals this role is for you!

This application is due on March 29th and interviews will be conducted in person.

Have any questions? Shoot me an email at life.incoming @engsoc.queensu.ca


Matt Brown, Incoming Director of Student Life