Directorate Positions 2023-2024

  • Campus and Community Director (1 position)
  • Marketing Director (1 position)
  • Finance Director (1 position)
  • Internships Director (2 positions)
  • Equity Director (1 Position)

All directors are expected to officially assume their roles at the end of the exam period. During the period after hiring and before the official transfer of duties, the respective outgoing director(s) will transition the incoming director into their role. This process will include job shadowing and playing an active role in the current local initiatives QPID is involved in. Over the course of the summer, the directors will be in contact with the summer director for support, as well as the general director.

Application Due: March 24th at 11:59 pm EST

For any questions, please email Eliot Little at qpid.generaldirector@

Position Descriptions:

Campus and Community Director (C & C Director)

The C & C Director is responsible for managing and supporting all of the portfolios with events that occur on Queen’s campus and within the Kingston Community. This is the largest portfolio within QPID. The ultimate goal for the C & C Director is to support all of the executives within their portfolio and ensure that all scheduled events and campaigns are successful, as well as liaison between the directorate and these committees.

The C & C Director has obligations specifically to most of the executives on QPID (Forum, Community Outreach, Youth Conference, Workshops) in terms of providing resource support and feedback on their duties.


  • Assist the general director in strategic planning for the upcoming school year, and decide which local initiatives QPID will focus on that school year.
  • Hire and direct executives within all C & C portfolios.
  • Assist with committee member hiring.
  • Arrange a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with all executives in their portfolios to ensure progress is being made.
  • Attendance of Advisory Council meetings three times a year.
  • Support all executives with tasks and decision-making.
  • Bring issues that have arisen within any exec portfolios to the directorate team for further discussion.
  • Being a member of the general directorate, including participating in QPID events, coming to forums and weekly directorate meetings.
  • Strategically plan for the following school year, in preparation for the incoming C & C director.
  • Writing a complete transition manual of all aspects of the year

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director is responsible for all information released to the public regarding the organization, promoting QPID through event planning and fundraising, and encouraging engagement with development issues between all QPID members and the general public. The marketing director will be responsible for designing campaigns for hiring and events, helping plan and run fundraising initiatives, and running promotional activities to ensure QPID’s visibility on campus. Furthermore, they will be responsible for the upkeep of the QPID website, as well as ensuring QPID has a strong social media presence and creating and helping maintain a QPID blog.


  • Strong communication skills
  • Marketing and advertising experience
  • Ability to arrange and organize internal and external media relations
  • Event planning experience
  • Experience with website coding and social media are an asset
  • Experience with design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign is an asset


  • Hire and direct committee members
  • Ensure brand consistency across all QPID platforms
  • Maintaining the effectiveness and accessibility of the QPID website
  • Effective use of social media to showcase QPID initiatives and events
  • Maintenance of online blog
  • Attendance of Advisory Council meetings three times a year
  • Weekly emails to those on the QPID mailing list. Request to advertise in other club and department listservs and any advertisements appearing in newspaper publications on campus whenever necessary.
  • Designing marketing campaigns for QPID hiring and events. These campaigns may include but are not limited to poster design and distribution, Facebook events, chalking, Powerpoint presentations for class talks etc.
  • Keeping track and filing all articles, columns or other media that discuss QPID
  • Organization of publicity events/initiatives to get QPID’s name and purpose out on campus, including, but not limited to, assisting the Summer Director with organizing and promoting QPID during Frosh Week
  • Reaching out through newspapers and other means to the greater Kingston community.
  • Writing a complete transition manual of all aspects of the year

Finance Director

The Finance Director is responsible for managing QPID’s funds and supervising the finance coordinator and sponsorship team. The ultimate goal for the Finance Director is the organization's long-term stability through sound financial management and the maintenance of positive relationships with QPID’s supporters. These supporters include QPID alumni, university officials, and sponsors.

The Finance Director has obligations specifically to the Finance Coordinator and the Sponsorship Team in terms of provisioning resource support, approving decisions and grants, and giving feedback on their duties.


  • Assisting the general director in strategic planning for the upcoming school year
  • Making ethical and sustainable financial decisions.
  • Proofing grants made by the sponsorship team.
  • Hiring the finance coordinator and sponsorship coordinator, as well as assisting with committee member hiring
  • Appropriately delegating work to the finance coordinator.
  • Weekly meeting with the finance coordinator and sponsorship coordinator.
  • Closing of the previous financial year at the end of September with input from the Finance Coordinator, Summer Director and General Director. Final Copies of Financial Statements will also be created for the Annual Report and QPID records.
  • Creation of the annual budget with input from the Directorate and executive.
  • Monthly reviews of the budget and QPID’s financial situation, reporting to the executive.
  • Organization and completion of the annual audit. The entire year should involve preparing for this audit to achieve the best financial accountability possible.
  • Maintaining all financial records as accurate and complete. Procedures and processes for all transactions should be reviewed for efficiency and potential means of improvement.
  • Working with the Internships Team to develop summer intern accounting procedures for in-country project work.
  • Occasional meetings with an accountant ensure QPID’s finances are well maintained.
  • Planning and organization of QPID fundraising events
  • Working with the outgoing Summer Director to create a summary of expenditures for summer internships
  • Working with the Sponsorship Team to devise a fundraising strategy and apply for funding to sources both internal and external to Queen’s
  • Working with the Sponsorship Team to maintain a donor stewardship plan to ensure appropriate recognition of donors
  • Responsible for managing QPID’s contingency fund, and any long-term investments
  • Liaising with university officials to ensure QPID’s internal funds are correctly managed for maintaining and watching QPID’s long-term investments.
  • Along with the day-to-day operations, the finance director will play a large role in helping the general director re-organize and overhaul the finances of QPID for financial sustainability.
  • Writing a complete transition manual of all aspects of the year

Internships Directors

The Internships Directors coordinate all aspects of QPID’s summer internships. They work closely with the Curriculum Internships Managers and Fundraising Internships Manager throughout the year.

The Internships Directors are the coordinators between the people, events and administrative duties that are involved in the internship aspect of QPID. Ultimately, it is the Internships Directors who must ensure that all project-related tasks are completed prior to departure. The Internships Directors must ensure that all selections, including internship managers and interns, are made in the best interest of QPID and consistent with its mandate. They will have significant knowledge of all aspects of QPID with special emphasis on the administrative duties associated with QPID’s international projects. The Internships Director must focus on team building and dynamics within and between projects and between the executive and interns.


  • Assisting the general director in strategic planning for the upcoming school year
  • Hiring executives within all internship portfolios and assisting with committee member hiring.
  • Attendance of Advisory Council meetings three times a year
  • Have post-placement interviews with all of the returning interns, along with the Summer Director and General Director
  • Reading all final, personal reports and internship reports to assess internship project partners/regions
  • Along with the directorate and past summer director, choose the regions and projects for the upcoming summer internships and how many interns will be sent
  • Contacting potential and past project partners to establish summer projects for the interns
  • Drafting partnership agreements with the project partners, once chosen
  • Ensuring that contract and project-related policies and requirements are up to date and sufficient, including annual updates to the Internships Manual
  • Hiring of summer interns, including an intern selection day
  • Ensuring adequate preparation and training of interns before departure
  • Coordination of Selection Day and intern interviews
  • Conducting a fundraising information session for interns
  • Coordinating the intern retreat in January with Campus and Community and the training week at the end of the school year
  • Organize monthly all intern training sessions on topics of general interest, such as safety and health
  • Attending weekly meetings with directors, executive, and Internships Managers.
  • Finalizing summer internship projects
  • Finalizing Emergency Protocol procedures
  • Writing a letter to interns providing a summer project overview
  • Setting dates for the submission of final and personal reports
  • Being a resource for those who have questions and concerns and lending support to all those involved with internships.
  • Working with and leading the Internships Managers.
  • Writing a complete transition manual of all aspects of the year.

Equity Director (New Position)

The Equity Director is a new position for the 2022/23 school year. As QPID’s first Equity Director, the student hired to this position will be responsible for continuing to promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within the organization. This director will work closely in conjunction with the Monitoring and Evaluations executive to ensure that QPID can provide a safe space for all students. They will also be responsible for implementing new training, including anti-racism, bystander intervention and accessibility training for QPID members.

Required Qualifications

  • Past experience and involvement with EDI issues within an organizational context
  • Understanding of anti-racism, social justice and
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Experience with Personal or Group Advocacy
  • Comfortable Leading Training Initiatives
  • Personal Commitment to Radical Inclusion


  • Hiring the Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E) Executive for the upcoming year
  • Develop an Equity Framework for QPID in consultation with external stakeholders, which will outline the club’s commitment to EDII
  • Develop executive training modules for fall training
  • Consult with external organizations to introduce new training opportunities
  • Consult with executives and directors to ensure that all projects meet accessibility and inclusion standards
  • Support the M&E executive when dealing with any equity-related concerns
  • Work to address barriers to inclusion in club activities
  • Develop new Equity focused initiatives