The Queen's Hyperloop Design Team at Queen's University is an opportunity exclusive for undergraduate students to apply their engineering, project management, and business knowledge to a transformative initiative. Our team allows each student to go through the three step Design, Build, Test process which is commonly used in the transportation/manufacturing industries. We were previously one of three top Canadian finalists in the 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition hosted by SpaceX and the legendary Elon Musk.

We are proudly affiliated with both the EngSoc and ASUS, and thus attract top talent from a diverse range of faculties (and personalities!) on campus.

This year we are partnered with and competing in the Canadian Hyperloop Conference Contest (shout out to the founding team; University of Waterloo) and will continue our participation with SpaceX competitions if one is hosted this year (undetermined as of date).

Competition qualification consists of:
- a detailed document of the pod design as well as a functioning sub-scale model.
- design and outsource of materials required to construct a sub-scale pod.
- obtaining funds to compete through sponsors and partnerships with corporate companies in the industry.

As of September 13th, we are hiring the following manager positions;
- Power Systems Manager
- Marketing & Communications Manager
- Learning Development Manager

as well as the following entry level positions (no experience required!);
- Marketing Coordinator - Merchandise Design
- Marketing Coordinator - Graphic Design
- Marketing Coordinator - Videography
- Marketing Coordinator - Social Media
- Marketing/Publications Coordinator - Webmaster

Applications for these positions must be submitted by September 26th!

If you didn't see a position best suited for you, get excited for the remaining positions to be listed for hiring in the coming weeks!:
- Power Systems Design Engineer
- Control Systems Design Engineer
- Breaking Systems Design Engineer
- Chassis Design Engineer
- Suspension Design Engineer
- Propulsion Design Engineer
- Recruitment Coordinators
- Event Logistics Coordinator
- Professional Development Coordinators - Networking/External Affairs
- Professional Development Coordinators - Career Workshops
- Sponsorship Coordinator

Join our team and expand your undergraduate experience to industry experience and gain the confidence to know what an impact you can make outside of your classrooms.

Don't hesitate to email hyperloop@ or text (647)-806-7656 with any questions!


Let's Break a Pod!