Number of positions:1-2

Main goal of the Alumni Networking Summit Committee: Organize the annual Alumni Networking Summit which provides students with the opportunity to network and speak candidly with alumni across different fields of work.

As a member of the Alumni Networking Summit Committee, you will be working with a team to run the largest PD event of the year, the Alumni Networking Summit. The Summit is a day-long event hosted every January in Downtown Toronto with the aim to connect students and alumni. The event involves several keynote speakers, networking activities, workshops, and a design team pitch competition called “Gaels Den”. Each committee member will have a specific role in the planning and execution of the Summit. Applicants should be motivated, have strong organizational skills, and work well in a team setting.

Positions available are:

  1. 👥 Delegates Coordinator
    1. Main focus will be on advertising the event to students and alumni, and on preparing the delegates for the day
  2. 🗣️ Speakers Coordinator
    1. Main focus will be on organizing outreach speakers for the event

You will also have the opportunity to work alongside alumni groups such as QYEA, and various corporate sponsors. This committee will be overseen by the Alumni Networking Summit Chair.

Note: No experience is required for this position. You will have the opportunity to expand your professional development knowledge in this role.

Time commitment:

  • 🗓️ 1 weekly meeting with the Alumni Networking Summit Committee
  • 📌 Additional time spent organizing the Alumni Networking Summit with your teammates

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the current Director of Professional Development at pd @

Application Deadline: September 30 at 11:59 PM EST