Design Logistics Coordinator

Interested in being involved in projects with Formula Racing? or Space Engineering? Robotics? what about Biomedical Technology? What about all the above and more. There are currently 18 design teams ratified under the Engineering Society (EngSoc) each with their own incredibly unique and interesting projects. Headed by the Director of Design, the design committee oversees and assists all 18 design teams and includes three positions: Design Outreach Coordinator, Deputy of Design, and Design Logistics Coordinator.

For the position of Design Logistics Coordinator, we are looking for any highly organized, detail-oriented, and passionate student to help with organizing, running, and supervising all design-oriented events such as the Design Team Open House, Design Team Appreciation Nights, and Design Team Showcase. These events are the minimum expected responsibility. In this role you will also have the freedom to organize whatever events you see fit, so creativity and passion are huge assets. You will work alongside the Director of Design to ensure events run smoothly and that everything gets done on schedule.

This will be a very interesting role and is a great opportunity to get involved with design teams and gain some very valuable experience, while it also has the potential to be whatever you want to make it!

Design Logistics Coordinator responsibilities are:

  • To organize events pertaining to design teams such as the Design Team Showcase, Design Team Open House, Design Team Appreciation Nights and whatever other events you see fit!
  • Coordinate with teams, Design Outreach Coordinator, and Director of Design to ensure events run smoothly and as planned
  • Oversee and supervise events alongside Director of Design to ensure nothing goes wrong on the day of the event

Design Logistics Coordinator requirements are:

  • A passion for design teams and genuine interest in design team projects
  • Strong organization skills and detail-oriented nature

This position is open to students from any faculty. The role will require roughly 1 - 3 hours per week time commitment and will be busier at certain times of the year when events are planned.

THE APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR THIS POSITION IS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22 @ 11:59PM EST. Interviews will be conducted in person the following weekend on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26. If you have a conflict with these dates accommodations can be made, but please be sure to contact the Incoming Director of Design before the day of the interview (contact information below).

If you have any questions about this role please feel free to contact the Incoming Director of Design, Matteo Van der Plaat (design.incoming@ or the current Director of Design, Michael Cronin (design@