Queen's Rocket Engineering Team (QRET) is a student design team with a passion for manufacturing high-speed sounding rockets for use in international rocket competitions. The team focuses on developing the technical skillset of students through the construction of a new rocket each year and provides students with the opportunity to begin their professional journey into the aerospace industry.

QRET is looking for the next team President for the 2023-2024 year! The role of QRET President requires strong technical knowledge in the field of design and rocketry, strong leadership and interpersonal skills, and strong organizational/logistical skills to ensure the team runs smoothly throughout the year. This position will require a large time commitment and dedication to the team.

Position Description

The Team President shall: 

  1. Officially represent QRET. 
  2. Act as a safety officer for QRET. 
  3. Preside at all executive and general meetings. 
  4. Coordinate all activities of QRET. 
  5. Ensure all executive positions are filled and find temporary substitutes for executive officers if necessary. 
  6. Ensure all Executive Officers have the resources and knowledge necessary to proceed. 
  7. Maintain the team’s wiki and OneDrive to ensure the perseveration of knowledge on the team. 
  8. Monitor deadlines to ensure the project is on schedule. 
  9. Ensure all documentation required for the competition is accurate and submitted in a timely manner. 
  10. Work with the Sponsorship Officers to ensure the Dean’s Donation is completed accurately and submitted in a timely manner. 
  11. Be knowledgeable on the IREC Rules & Requirements and monitor the team’s adherence to these rules. 
  12. Create, uphold, and revise all team policies. 
  13. Be responsible for all internal and external correspondence. 
  14. Ensure all executive members are performing to the expected standard, and approve all work produced by executive members. 
  15. Submit a written report to the Director of Design in September of each year outlining the projected budget and club activity plan for the continuing year. 
  16. Submit a written report to the Director of Design in April of each year summarizing the events put on by the club in the past year. A revised budget shall be included, comparing the projected budget and actuals. 
  17. Appoint all executive positions for their term, under advisement from the previous Executive Committee. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the incoming President of QRET at (qret @ engsoc.queensu.ca).

Applications due Monday, March 13th 11:59EST.